AKC stands for Avtonomna Kulturna Cona – Autonomous Cultural Zone! The goal of this page is to promote art in all forms, specially all the unknown artists, our house and people who work with us! Please put your art on the page if you want to be seen and comment by those who are trying to bring freedom back to ART. Monetary system had his chance, now is the time to start searching for a new way to promote and support ART.
Page is updating all the time so if we forgot someone, or something we will fix it, we do things slow and with pleasure 🙂

Sokolski dom, Narodni dom or Sokolc (Falcon home) is first peoples home for Slovenians build in 1875. Slovenia was under Austrian monarchy so speaking and performing in Slovenian language was unpleasant, unpopular and prohibited (like being free today). That is why some local art enthusiasts decided to build a place where art could be free so in a way Slovenian first house is a first Autonomous Cultural Zone. Trough time, town management didn’t take care of this building so the building started to decay. 8 years ago the idea of using this building for art was born. Since then we are active in many fields of art and humanitarian actions. Hope you like it or dislike it just don’t ignore it. Being an artist is very, very hard…. Being alternative artist is ART.

Pretekli dogodki