International artist-in-residency programme GuestRoomMaribor was established in 2011 by Pekarna Magdalenske mreže (PMM) – central organization for non-institutional and independent cultural production in Maribor, Slovenia. PMM activity is defined by conceptual field of informal culture, subculture, deinstitutionalized culture, contra-culture, independent culture and urban culture, as well as social movements. In the context of contemporary art PMM represent an important generator of non-institutional and independent art practices; it encourages socially engaged art, hybrid and experimental artistic expressions and approaches, supports especially young (local) artists etc.

The primary idea of GuestRoomMaribor – the only residency programme in Slovenia’s second largest city – is to prove continuous presence of “foreign” artists in the form of a one month long residence stay. As well as to encourage art production to the large extent characterized by the specificity of local cultural-artistic context. Therefore GuestRoomMaribor by selection process from the very beginning privileges artistic approaches that form more direct connection with the specific social, historical, political, etc. context of Maribor, local independent cultural producers and the wider community of the city (participatory, site-specific art projects, interventions in public space, etc.). Residency programme is namely deeply conditioned by our vision of the point of cultural workers and art production international circulation as well as residency programmes in general. It comes from the assumption that cultural/art production is not only conditioned with socio-political context but has also the potential to influence or intervene into it. That is why particular approaches, for instance local community-based and/or oriented, hybrids between art and research and the like, are preferred or privileged.

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  • Spoznajte rezidenta / Meet the Resident: Claudio Beorchia

  • Spoznajte rezidentko Lili M. Rampre

  • Lahko več! Mora več!



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