Carmina Slovenica is world renowned for its unconventional, progressive and innovative artistic concept of superb singing, drama, and movement.

Carmina Slovenica’s unique choregie concept of music theatre projects with adventurous juxtaposition of music from medieval to the present times with fascinating sounds of extended vocal techniques is led by the internationally acclaimed conductor and director Karmina Šilec. With her boldness, provocativeness and erudition that bears no comparison Karmina Šilec transformed this vocal ensemble into a superior artistic formation of the highest rank. The performances of the ensemble are well-known for the precise vocal discipline, exuberant physicality, energy, musical and scenic imagination, authenticity and artistic persuasiveness.

Carmina Slovenica completely revaluated the existing concepts of vocal music and opened up new spaces of expression. It creates a highly theatrical and visceral experience through vocal music that is both unexpected and provocative. What is particularly fascinating is the sound itself being delivered by the performers with changes of various vocal techniques from throat singing to cultivated belcanto. The result is a unique musical experience.


* Concert and stage production

* Choregie:
Choregie series
Coproduction of the international competition and new music theatre festival Choregie

* Ensembles:
Carmina Slovenica Concert Choir
Ensemble ¡Kebataola!
Vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica

* Attacca:
Festival, international projects, concert cycle, residence programme, special social programs

* Publishing

* Education:
Choral School CS, Workshops, Seminars

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